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Cleaning is a priority task with the Swatch Bharat Mission, and those who travel in trains can see a visible change not just in the extent of cleanliness but also the changed mindset of the contractors, Support Staff and the Officials of the Department of Railways in India.

We offer a range of technology solutions to help make the rail system clean, safe and well maintained.

Our Solutions for Railways include:

  • Train Exterior cleaning: Heavy Duty Painted Surface cleaner that removes oils, grease, lubricant deposits, and Glass Cleaning 
  • Engine, Coach and Wagon Maintainance: Kerosene replacement, paint remover, Rust, Tar & Lubricant cleaners
  • Coach, Wagon Cleaning: Ailse, Seating, Glass, Food Table, Washbasin.
  • Bio Toilet Cleaning: Non-Enzymatic, Non-Chemical Bio toilet cleaner && Deodouriser.


With Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment from Ultratecnos, the cleaning of Wheels, Axles, Brake Systems, Bearings, Traction Motor parts (and many more )., can be achieved by using water-based cleaning solutions. These have the double advantage of easy disposal, corrosion protection as well as being eco – friendly The cleaners are so safe that a few municipalities have permitted them to be disposed of in drainages.


Triple 7 Cleaning fluids are naturally derived and readily biodegradable – (These are products that biodegrade by over 75% within 27 days, as per the modified strum method of testing for organics).




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