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Purasolve Parts Cleaner

Purasolve Parts Cleaner is often used to replace solvents like TCE, MEK, Toluene which are used to clean surfaces in the manufacturing industry. Many such solvents can pose a health and safety risk to workers. Purasolve Parts Cleaner is a Safety solvent and alternative that provide the same cleaning power as traditional solvents but are much safer for health and the environment.

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Purasolve Parts Cleaner

Purasolve Parts Cleaner: The 100% Recyclable Flame Proof Solvent

Purasolve Parts Cleaner from Envirofluid is a safe, low-hazard alternative to common easily flammable, corrosive and dangerous industrial solvents. Purasolve Parts Cleaner is safer than common hazardous and dangerous industrial solvents such as MEK, Acetone, TCE, Gun Wash, or products containing Benzene.

Purasolve Parts Cleaner is a safety solvent that combines reduced environmental compliance costs with reduced health and safety risks in today’s highly regulated health, safety, and environmental concerns


The Explosion Proof & Flame Proof Parts Washer & Degreaser Purasolve Parts Cleaner

Purasolve Parts Cleaner  is a solvent alternative that has a high flash point and low vapour pressure, making them the safest solvent alternative to be used for applications such as:

  • parts washing 
  • paint equipment cleaning
  • surface preparation
  • brake cleaning, etc.


Purasolve Parts Cleaner is environmentally friendly and complies with all relevant environmental regulations. Purasolve Parts Cleaner is: 

  • High Flash Point
  • Low Odour
  • Not flammable
  • Non-Explosive
  • Fully Recyclable- up to 18 months or more
  • Non-corrosive- Protects Metal and alloy surfaces
  • Very Low Evaporation rate- Much lesser( 10% of the rate of water)
  • Do not contain CFCs or other ozone-depleting chemicals.





Purasolve Parts Cleaner is used for:

  • Parts washing systems
  • Parts Soaking
  • Metal Cleaning


Purasolve Parts Cleaner is safe for use with bearings, seals and rubber elastomers.


Directions for Use:

Purasolve Parts Cleaner is used neat in a soaking application or in a parts washer. It is recommended that the product is used in conjunction with the Purasolve Parts Washer machine or Retrofit Kit to achieve maximum performance life of the product. This system has a unique filtration element, which when properly managed and used in conjuction with the Purasolve Parts Cleaner, can extend the solvent life for several years, along with reduced generated waste.

For a quick-dry surface, air blast or wipe off with a dry rag.

Remember Purasolve Parts Cleaner has a slower evaporation rate than more hazardous solvents.

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