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High Power Ultrasonic Cleaner for Graphic Industry

As peculiar your printing system may be, and regardless of the quality and printing inks used, our Ultrasonic Cleaner provides a cleaning solution that minimises your ink consumption and its internal rejections for quality.

We specialize in the cleaning of anilox cylinders, and all types of printing tools and rollers, as our solution is focused on the specific softness required by each type of material.

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High Power Ultrasonic Cleaner for Graphic Industry: Cleaning of Printing Rollers, Engraved Roller & Anilox Cylinders

Our Products have always placed wagers on the research of new applications focusing on ultrasonic cleaning technology, gaining valuable experience throughout our professional career and exclusively devoting ourselves to provide perfect solutions to our clients. In this case, the cleaning process generated by our machinery known as cavitation, is the best option for the cleaning of printing and engraving rollers in every type of printing systems.   The cleaning process releases the energy of millions of bubbles that implode by quickly eliminating all types of waste, and consuming few energy resources.  As a result, our technology is one of the most efficient solutions to clean rollers or similar parts.  Place your trust and benefit from the multiple advantages of our machinery.
Its easy integration in every type of industrial processes guarantees the continuity of work at all times by optimising its processes in many occasions, and improving the productivity of the cleaned parts. With Ultrasonic cleaner technology you will enjoy of customised projects for all types of industries, such as the automotive or naval industry, optimising multi-stage industrial processes or automated lines.  Please contact us to inquire about the price of ultrasonic equipment as our anilox cleaner.  We guarantee you will receive the best advice by experienced professionals. Rely on our products to acquire the best anilox cleaning service of ultrasonic equipment.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

The roll is partially immersed to the Ultrasonic bath and located to the fixture. The tank is equipped with clamping device able to adjust different lengths of printing rolls. Turning the roll is performed by sophisticated traction system. Temperature of cleaning solution is from 60-70C°. Part can be rinsed by water gun over the ultrasonic tank so no dirt neither detergent is transferred to rinsing tank.


Rinsing operation with pure demineralised water to wash all the released dirt.

Anilox roll is located in the rising tank to the identical turning system as in Ultrasonic tank. Rinsing is made by pure demineralised water produced by osmosis plant. Osmosis plant is optional part of the machine and it is controlled by equipment control unit.


After rinsing, the operator dries printing by the air gun.


  • Paint waste
  • Dust
  • Oil
  • Glue
  • Paper
  • Waste of cleaning process
  • Inks


  • Cleaning of industrial rollers
  • Cleaning anilox rollers
  • Cleaning ceramic rollers
  • Cleaning of glued rollers
  • Cleaning of printing rollers
  • Cleaning of engraved rollers
  • Cleaning clichés
  • Plate cleaning
  • Flexographic cleaning


  • Less ink consumption.
  • Eliminates high labor costs.
  • Increases the factories productivity and accelerates the replacing of cylinders and other tools.
  • Avoids the use of highly corrosive chemical products for cleaning.
  • Empties completely the cylinder cell in order to fully recover its capacity, although with old cylinders or completely clogged cells.
  • Does not cause tensions nor thermal expansions such as laser technology.
  • Does not erode the cells such as projection technologies.
  • Attainment of homogenous cleaning process, not easily performed by an operator or any other type of cleaning

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