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Triple7 Odour Control

A 100% vegan product and organic certified, Triple7 Odour Control is a natural (Oleo) extract that is known to improve

  • Water clarification
  • Soil percolation
  • Effluent odours in ETP & STP
  • Eradicating the odour in septic tanks.
  • Enhancing Biological Activity in ETP, STP and all types of Effluent Systems to improve waste decomposition.

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Triple7 Odour Control a bio-based cleaner and deodoriser. Devoid of toxic, hazardous or known carcinogenic ingredients, Triple 7 Odour Control will save you costs of litigation and damages. Therefore, you are preventing future litigation claims.  Triple7 Odour Control is a bio-based cleaner and deodoriser that destroys odours from the source and prevents the release of hydrogen sulphide, thus keeping the workplace, factory, effluent systems safe and clean.

A non-toxic, bio-based surfactant cleaner & deodoriser that protects your health, your equipment and our environment. 

  • Concentrate, High-Tech, Super Concentrate Cleaner.
  • Destroys Odours at the source.
  • Reduces Inventory – Is Multi-Purpose 
  • Extracted from Natural Resources
  • No Hazchem ratings or Toxic Ingredients
  • Improves Water Reuse Systems and clarifies Water Quality 
  • Ensures Maintenance of pumps and water accessories is easier
  • Removes Hydrogen Sulphide
  • Works well with Sewer Bacteria by improving the performance and supporting biodegradation activity.
  • Supports Waterless Systems and Septic Tank maintenance
  • Breaks Down Solidified food or organic mass, and Removes Fats, Oils and Grease in Pipework Deposits


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15L, 200L, 5L

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