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Ultrasonic Cleaners, Descaling & Limescale Removal, Rust & Calcium removal, Degreasing and Odour Control Solutions for Power Plants from Evergreen Solution

The power generation industry has been at the forefront of developments towards cleaner and greener technologies to improve their Carbon green quotient.

Cleaning solutions for power plants range from:

  1. Day to day washing and cleaning of the administrative work area.
  2. Cleaning and degreasing in factories, workshops, passages and generation locations.
  3. Parts Cleaning: Oils, lubricants, rust, grime and dirt.
  4. Rust, scale and grime removal from generators, motors and transmission equipment.
  5. Preventive maintenance cleaning of generator parts and sub-assemblies

We offer technologies that can challenge the performance vs safety quotient. The primary is cleaning fluids and the other is cleaning equipment.

Triple7 cleaners have been used in power plants, in place of chemical-based solutions for descaling and degreasing. Triple7 chemistries are safe, extremely powerful, and easy to dispose of. This is made up of naturally available ingredients like soya, corn, sugar cane, citrus and orange extracts, and palm oil. Triple7 cleaners and descalers are highly compliant, non-corrosive, and easily disposable.

Biodegradability is an added advantage. 

Triple7 cleaners can be used in cooling towers, heat exchangers, condensers, and boilers. Triple7 Enviroscale is a very powerful descaler and finds use in the maintenance of generators and pumps.

With clients ranging from top power plant manufacturers in Australia to Reliance in India, Triple7 has been keeping installations safe around the world with enhanced and compliant chemistries

Cleaning equipment to remove intricate rust, grease, scale and water or airborne contaminants is available from our principal suppliers of Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment – Ultratecno from Spain. Powerful, unique and highly effective, Ultratecnos offers water-based cleaning solutions for almost any kind of parts, surfaces borne continents. 




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