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General Area Cleaning, Limescale Removal & Descaling, Odour Control solutions for Food Industry

Food safety involves preventing foodborne illness, either from bacteria or viruses, through various procedures and processes. The first step to ensuring food safety is to take proper precautions when handling food from preparation to storage.

The cleaning of the food packaging and transportation industry is not just restricted to office spaces, packing lines, plastic cartons or sorting areas. Cleaning also extends to the maintenance of boilers, ETP plants and transportation vehicles.

We offer a range of cleaning options that include:

  1. Ultrasonic cleaning machines of Ultratecnos: 
  2. Food Grade & HACCP Certified Organic Cleaners: Soy derived cleaners for heavy-duty cleaning and corm oil-based cleaner for light cleaning or wiping.
  3. HACCP Certified Descalers for cooling lines, refrigeration systems and Heat Exchanger Systems. 
  4. Food Gade Odour Control Agents: will enable you to improve your food production process, 



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