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Triple7 Ecoscale

Triple7 Ecoscale is  Powerful Limescale Cleaner based on Plant based or Oleo extracts. It and is a naturally-derived cleaner, which is free  of any kinds of artificial ingredients like foaming , colouring , or fragrances to meet exacting HACCP Standards.

This product is Readily Biodegradable and confirms to the Biodegradability Test Modified Strum 301A,B for Organic  liquids. Triple 7 Eco Scale is made of Renewable Resources and devoid of ozone-depleting ingredients.


Triple 7 Eco Scale is Non Corrosive and Can be used on Rubbers, Acrylics, Soft Metals including Aluminum and Magnesium. Extremely Safe , yet Powerful Triple 7 Eco Scale has no storage and disposal restrictions.

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Triple7 Ecoscale

Multipurpose Versatile and Powerful

Triple7 Ecoscale is a versatile limescale remover that can safely and effectively be used across a range of applications. These include heat exchangers, boilers and condensers, pipework, duct cleaning, engine cooling systems and wet scrubber.


Equipment Protection

Unlike harsh caustic cleaners, Triple7 Ecoscale is free of salts and strong acids; it produces a powerful cleaning action without damaging hard surfaces, seals rubbers, equipment and pipework systems.

Triple7 Ecoscale is a high-performance formulation that removes limescale without damaging surfaces or seals. It’s free of salts and strong acids, so it won’t harm hard surfaces or equipment.


Can be used to Clean Equipment during Operation

Triple7 Ecoscale is a calcium and limescale remover with natural properties that is often used to remove these substances without taking apart equipment. This saves on shut-down time, loss of production, and labour costs.


Performance Enhancing Descaler

Ecoscale helps in maintenance and repair operations and also to improve the efficiency of your equipment. It reduces the build-up of limescale and the need for constant cleaning. This cleaning program will save you time, money, and effort in the long run by keeping your equipment running smoothly.

By using Triple7 Ecoscale, we can implement a descaling treatment system that returns equipment to optimum performance with less maintenance and longer equipment life. Ensuring your facilities are operating at peak efficiency will save you money in the long run.



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