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Triple7 Aircraft & Metal Cleaner

High-Performance Aircraft Exterior & Interior Cleaning

Triple7 Aircraft & Metal Cleaner is a BioBased, Readily Biodegradable cleaner that’s powerful, safe, and Multi Purpose. Triple 7 Aircraft & Metal Cleaner can be used for cleaning aircraft exteriors as well as interiors. Extremely versatile Triple 7 Aircraft and Metal Cleaner is: 

  • Free of corrosive chemicals like caustics, Phosphates, Glycol Ethers and acids.
  • Has no disposal or storage restrictions
  • Non Toxic
  • Non Hazardous
  • No Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
  • Non Flammable
  • Cleans Soot, Carbon, Asphalt, Oil, grease and Lubricants

Triple 7 Aircraft and Metal Cleaner has NATO defence code approval. The cleaner is also approved for use in commercial aircraft manufactured by Douglas, and Airbus.


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Triple7 Aircraft & Metal Cleaner

Non Hazardous Degreaser and Aircraft Cleaner:

Aircraft external parts and most fitments are made of alloys of aluminium and similar composites, which require non corrosive and non volatile cleaners to protect, preserve and extend the part life.

Triple7 Aircraft & Metal Cleaner prevents the formation of white rust and can be safely used to clean soft metals like aluminium, magnesium, copper-based, and other alloys.

Triple7 Aircraft & Metal Cleaner is an organic product, HACCP certified, OMRI-listed and GECA-approved. 

Triple7 Aircraft & Metal Cleaner is free of toxic additives like :

  • Terpenes, 
  • Butyl cellusolve
  • Petroleum products
  • Ammonium compounds
  • Phosphoric acids
  • Oxalic acid, 
  • Glycol ethers
  • Caustic soda
  • Nitrates
  • Amines 
  • D-limonene. 


Quick Break Degreasing Technology: Triple 7 Degreasers 

Triple7 Aircraft & Metal Cleaner uses the power of colloidal technology for cleaning and is readily biodegradable according to organic testing of modified Strum 304B. Instead of forming an emulsion with oils and contaminants, Triple 7 Aircraft and Metal Cleaner gently lifts the dirt from surfaces using colloidal action. The contaminant can be separated from the water and the water can be re-used, saving valuable resource, and keeping costs low.

Triple 7 Aircraft and Metal Cleaner are composed of renewable resources, deionised water, plant-based non-ionic surfactants, linear alcohol ethoxylates, and natural corrosion inhibitors.


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