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Ultrasonic Defoamer

Ultrasonic Defoamer-The Contactless Foam-Control Solution

Fog or foam control can be carried out using either mechanical or chemical means. In either case, there is a risk of compromising the formulation by adding chemicals or machinery.

Ultrasonic Defoaming is a cutting edge technology that uses ultrasonic waves to control and suppress foaming. The ultrasonic generator can be placed at a distance of  4 inches to 3 feet, away from the area of foaming and when switched on, the sound waves pass through the air and compress/collapse the foam.

Ultrasonic Defoaming Eco-Friendly Low-Cost Defoaming and Foam Control System

The ultrasound device can be used to control foam in many different ways. The equipment device can be used to suppress foam when the foaming liquid is being dispensed, or it can be used to break up existing foam that has already formed.

This technology is ideal for use in pharma, beverage, chemicals and provides immense cost-saving options, by:

  • Increasing the production line speed of bottling and canning lines
  • Reduction in the loss due to spillage of beverage
  • Reduction in the rejection rate due to under-filling of cans and bottles
  • Biological safety due to lower spillage and cleaning and maintenance
  • Cost savings in cooling to 5 degrees C before filling and increase in temperature back to 10 degrees C after dispatch of the bottling line from the line.

The Alternative to Defoaming Agents and Mechanical Foam suppression systems: Low Power Ultrasonic Defoaming

With over 60 installations worldwide, the Ultrasonic Defoaming System works to increase profitability as well as to improve hygiene and qualitative aspects.



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