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Revealed!!  Top 4 Powerful Non-Acid Descalers… No.3 Will shock you…

Are you aware of the fact that over 35% of descaling attempts fail due to the cleaner’s incompatibility with the surface? Have you ever had a situation where acids were incompatible with your procedure and caused more harm than good? We are so used to using acids to clear scales and remove limescale and calcium deposits. Technology now allows for descalement without the use of corrosive acids. Let’s walk through this blog to learn about the top 4 powerful non-acid descalers. 

acid descalers

What are acid descalers?

A descaler is a chemical that can be used to remove limescale from the inside of pipes. These chemicals are usually in the form of a powder or liquid and can be applied to the pipe using a brush or sprayed on. When looking for low-cost, well-branded solutions, acidic formulations containing hydrochloric, phosphoric, sulphuric, and oxalic acid are readily available and widely utilized.

Acids provide the foundation for removing rust and scales quickly and effectively. The ever-changing market for safe and robust descalers, on the other hand, has to meet a variety of scale removal standards, including:

  • Surface compatibility
  • Non-Hazardous
  • Non-Toxic 
  • Non Fuming
  • Non Corrosive 
  • Biodegradable

Like any other cleaning technique, descaling is enhanced by the ability to soak, spray, wipe, or machine clean. Mineral acid substitutes have been successfully introduced to the market. The use of Citric and Acsorbc acid-based formulations is on the rise.

Top 4 Powerful Non-Acid Descalers

There are many different descalers, but the most powerful are non-acid descalers. These cleaners are designed to remove mineral deposits, limescale, and rust from your water heater, dishwasher, and other appliances.

Non-acid descalers work by using a safe chemical reaction for you and your family. They have a low pH level, so they don’t contain any dangerous chemicals like hydrochloric acid that could damage your appliance or release toxic fumes into the air. There are many different types of non-acid descalers on the market. Let’s take a look at the top 4 now. 

1. Neutral pH Descaler

There are neutral-character inorganic formulations available. These solutions are effective against a wide variety of scales. They can assist obtain a glossy and transparent metal surface without being as aggressive or reactive as acids. Because the descalers are non-corrosive, they can be used in Ultrasonic baths for cleaning, making them incredibly versatile and beneficial. Also recommended for ferrous, nonferrous, and soft metal surfaces like aluminium, brass, copper etc. They’re best for cleaning part locations that are difficult to reach, such as blind holes and the interior surfaces of hard-to-reach pieces.

2. Alkaline Descaler

Scales can be removed using a dissolve concept as well as a chemical reaction. Organic chemistries with kB values that indicate the ability to dissolve are available in specially manufactured organic chemistries. Alkaline is somewhat mild but highly effective. Descaling is effective and can be done in several ways, including ultrasonic cleaners, soaking, and spraying. These are recommended for soft metal surfaces as well as locations that are difficult to reach, such as blind holes and the interior surfaces of parts that are difficult to reach. 

The Alkaline descaler may not be as effective against thick calcium and limescale deposits but are powerful in the removal of the form of rust, oxides of different metals, Heat treatment marks on Stainless Steel and surfaces of magnesium, aluminium, brass and copper.

Some examples of Alkaline Descalers are :

Triple 7 Heavy Duty

Triple 7 Mega Clean

Salt based Descalers

3. Salt-based Descalers

Descaling solutions have a new buzzword: inorganic salts. While powerful and exceedingly corrosive, these salts have a few advantages over acids. They don’t emit any fumes and are biodegradable. On the other hand, salts are a less expensive alternative to mineral acids. Any type of scale, including concrete and cement deposits, can be removed with these. At low concentrations, they are pretty effective.

True Organic Descaler

4. True Organic Descaler

These Envirofluid descalers are made from sustainable resources and check all the boxes when it comes to descaling. Enviroscale is a powerful descaler that is both safe and biodegradable and has the following properties:

  • Low corrosion
  • Non Fuming
  • Readily Biodegradable
  • Organic
  • Free of allergens
  • Safe on Metals and most known surfaces like rubbers, glass, plastics and acrylics

Winding Up…

Non-acid descaling solutions will reign supreme as they are safe and effective. The top 4 powerful non-acid descalers work wonders. They remove the hard water stains, limescale, and rust. They also don’t have any side effects on the environment. 

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